🚀 BetProtocol’s First Gaming Platform is Live! 🚀

After years of hard work and development, we are finally launching our first live online gaming platform, Built on BetProtocol.

It has been an epic journey so far: Starting from when we began bootstrapping and brainstorming our product in late 2017, to initial fundraising and product development in 2018, to our MVP and token sale in 2019, until finally to now when we launch our first platforms.

Now that BetProtocol is Live, we have the ability to launch unlimited gaming platforms, starting with Casino, and then breaking out into Esports, Sportsbook, Social Casinos, Prediction Markets & more. The sky is the limit!

Now for the big reveal, our first Casino Platform:

TKN.COM is our first platform Built on BetProtocol.

TKN Casino offers audited in-house games : Coinflip, Linear Dice, Roulette, Wheel, Wheel Classic, and Plinko! New games are on the way. They will also be adding Esports and Sportsbook to TKN when they become available later on this year.

All player funds are secured by BitGo, a globally trusted cryptocurrency custody service used by major exchanges.

Stay tuned because more operators are going live (next week we’ll have a specific announcement on that! 😉)

$BEPRO-as-Gas Goes Live

BetProtocol going live means that $BEPRO Tokens are now being spent as gas to support network-wide betting volume. Each bet has a cost in $BEPRO tokens that scales with the underlying value of the bet. Now that TKN is operating, BEPRO-as-Gas is live too!

Remember when we announced a 2 year lock on BEPRO tokens spent as gas?

The BEPRO that TKN spends as gas (as well as the BEPRO spent by other platforms in the coming months) will be locked, which actively reduces the circulating supply of $BEPRO. TKN and other operators will have to constantly repurchase more $BEPRO from exchanges such as KuCoin and Digifinex.

And also spend those as gas 😆

BetProtocol is Tackling the €100 billion Online Gaming Market.

We’ve never been more excited.

The launch of our first platforms is underway, and the future is bright. BetProtocol is planning on dominating blockchain online gaming by making it easy and fast to launch platforms, no coding required. The vast majority of legacy online gaming will move onto blockchain in the coming years, and BetProtocol will be the bridge.

We thank you for your continuing support, and stay tuned for more online gaming platforms Built on BetProtocol.

About BetProtocol

BetProtocol enables anyone in the world to create gaming platforms with no coding required. Thanks to BetProtocol’s blockchain technology, these platforms are secure, scalable and regulatory compliant. Our vision is to enable anyone in the world to dream of being a gaming platform owner one morning, and actually be one that same day.

The First Universal Gaming Protocol powered by Blockchain

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