BetProtocol’s New Website is Live!

BetProtocol’s new website is live for anyone who wants to sign up for Early Access.

In our previous post, we indirectly discussed our vision of bringing a new vertical to the online gaming industry that simply does not exist:

Letting the everyman, the punter, the guy who normally walks into a casino…actually own and run the casino.

In today’s fast-paced world people are simply not willing to wait months and months to launch their own application. People want to deploy their own side-hustle in weeks or days even. That’s what the Shopify model is all about, and that’s what we are doing.

BetProtocol: The Shopify for Betting Applications

Our Vision: To allow anyone, with a few mouse clicks, to deploy a regulated and compliant betting application quickly and easily. No coding required.

Early render of our upcoming Sportsbook

What does Early Access grant you?

  1. The ability to enter our private closed beta as an early tester, and to see the product develop before it is live. Do you have suggestions on how to make it better? Talk to us. You could be crucial in shaping our vision.

2. The ability to be the first to deploy when our platform goes live.

3. Personalised development support from our team.

What does BetProtocol mean for the key stakeholders in the online gaming industry, the regulators, the operators, and above all the players?

Regulators: Blockchain becomes the final source of truth, instead of backends or operators who must record data themselves and then generate reports for the regulator. More often than not, these reports have inaccuracies or mistakes, and then the regulator fines the operator for each mistake. If both the regulator and the operator look to the blockchain for compliance data (which is the paradigm we are building) there should never be any divergences between what the regulator is expecting in terms of data and what the operator provides.

Entrepreneurs and Operators:

This is a platform that lets you test and build your betting application just like Shopify did for eCommerce apps. All the legal, regulatory, and even technology hurdles of deploying betting apps is handled by bootstrapping off our platform (which of course addresses all those needs). Imagine building a betting app in your spare time, making it perfect to suit your needs and your audience, and then submitting for deployment whenever you are ready to go.

Incumbent providers of the same service make you pay up front, sign contracts up front, and jump through many hoops before you even can test the product. We believe that is completely backwards.

BetProtocol flips the model on its head and puts the entrepreneur in the driver’s seat.

Backoffice GUI for Operators


Players can be assured that the odds and the game mechanics are 100% transparent and visible on the blockchain. You don’t have to trust that a game is legitimate or not, you can verify it yourself. This added trust will bring many more people into gaming because the lack of trust is a significant barrier to entry for many would-be-players.

With the added trust of published game edges and auditable smart contract based games (you can see all the code on the block explorer) a new standard of trust and transparency will emerge in the online gaming world.

We encourage you to check out our early access website and sign up today. When we go live, you’ll be the first to have access to our technology.

Thank you!

The First Universal Gaming Protocol powered by Blockchain

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