BetProtocol’s Updated Roadmap for 2020 and Beyond

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BetProtocol has been committed from the beginning to realising our vision of launching betting apps, with no coding required. Our ambitious roadmap has been full of deliverables, and we have delivered. Our goal was to consistently ship, not rely on hype, and focus on substance and keep #BUIDL’ing. Despite the harsh crypto-winter we have persevered. The time has come to take stock of how far we have come, as well as take a look at where we are going. This post will highlight the path we have taken, where we want to go in the near future, and why you should be excited because BetProtocol’s best days are ahead!


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Launch Online Gaming Apps. No Coding Required.

In 2019 we fleshed out our overarching Vision, released our MVP, created & certified our first games, and closed our private and public token sales.

All in all, it was a great year. The difficult first phases of bootstrapping, building out the first technology & product, and fundraising were over.

We got our $BEPRO token listed on KuCoin and Digifinex, and were well on our way to launching our first clients.


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2020 is the year of Built on BetProtocol. That is our motto for this year, and we are committed to launching not one, but many online gaming apps built on top of our technology. Our goal is to have this stamp on many gaming platforms operating live, whether they are Casino, Esports, or Social Casinos. We will continue putting out and delivering our best technology, and constantly iterating our products and ourselves for better and better output.

In Q1 of 2020 we accomplished:

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The 1.0 Version of our Operator Portal is our production ready back-office management software for our operator clients to launch and manage their betting apps with no coding required.

BetProtocol is committed to regulatory compliance and providing top notch online gaming backend services for licensed gaming operators. Our White Label system allows our clients who currently don’t have a license to get a licensed domain with an existing license holder. This in effect makes the regulatory burden on our clients far less, while greatly speeding up the on-boarding process from a several-months-long process to a matter of weeks.

Hate fiddling around with Metamask when you onboard? Wish that you could play in blockchain based online gaming with all the major cryptos, not just ETH and BTC? Want to game in stablecoins?

We feel you.

Our clients have also spoken : Wagering in all the top market cap coins is a must. Stablecoin gaming is a must.

Many of our “competitors” force their clients and players to wager in their own illiquid, super-volatile, and difficult to acquire utility tokens. That’s a mistake! We knew from the beginning that offering the most popular cryptos and stablecoins was absolutely a must-have. And we did it!

BetProtocol Operators can offer wagering in BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, USDT, USDC, DAI, Dash, and hundreds of other tokens.

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Sneak Peek of a Casino Skin. Want it for your app? Get in touch!

We’ve totally revamped our portal system to allow for multiple templates, layouts, and uploading designs for your games. You can also control the colour scheme, add support links, and even change fonts.

Q2 2020

Our plans for Q2 of 2020 are the following:

Q3 — Q4 2020

Our plans for Q3 — Q4 of 2020 are the following:

H1 2021

H2 2021

BetProtocol’s best days are ahead of us. We are super motivated, well-funded, and growing. Our first operators are going on-line, $BEPRO-as-Gas is going online, and interest in our company is growing each day. Thank you for your support and being with us on this journey.

About BetProtocol

BetProtocol enables anyone in the world to create gaming platforms with no coding required. Thanks to BetProtocol’s blockchain technology, these platforms are secure, scalable and regulatory compliant. Its vision is to enable anyone in the world to dream of being a gaming platform owner one morning, and actually be one that same day.

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