Malta Blockchain Summit 2018

BetProtocol was present at the Malta Blockchain Summit of 2018, and it was a blast!

We were enrolled in the Regulatory Blockchain track, and during those enlightening talks we got to hear the Prime Minister of Malta, the Hon. Joseph Muscat, welcome blockchainers and crypto influencers to the island.

We also heard from Anthony Gatt on what incentives Malta offers to entrepreneurs who want to move their company domicile to the island. Companies in areas such as IoT, AI, Big Data, and Quantum Computing technology are especially incentivised to make the jump.

Other talks on that day included an epic Battle of the Jurisdictions between South Korea, Switzerland, Malta and Gibraltar. Where should you put your crypto-company? Well it depends. If it has anything to do with gaming, then most likely Malta or Gibraltar. For more information, please refer to our full Legal Paper.

The Regulatory Blockchain track rounded out with talks on taxes and crypto, how the world is being decentralised as we speak, and Transparency and the Right to be Forgotten. That last point is important, considering that once something is committed to a blockchain, in theory it should stay there forever. So how does that fit in with the GDPR and the right to be forgotten?

The EU Blockchain Forum recently released a report on this very issue, and we at BetProtocol are committed to consumer and data protections. Therefore we are taking the EU Blockchain Forum’s report very seriously and studying it to adapt our technology accordingly. We believe that blockchain firms that do not do so are incurring tremendous regulatory burdens, and furthermore that this document becomes even more relevant when blockchain is used in gaming. One notable excerpt from the report is:

“GDPR compliance is not about the technology, it is about how the technology is used. Just like there is no GDPR compliant Internet, or GDPR-compliant artificial intelligence algorithm, there is no such thing as a GDPR-compliant blockchain technology. There are only GDPR-compliant use cases and applications…avoid storing personal data on a blockchain. Make full use of data obfuscation, encryption and aggregation techniques in order to anonymise data.”

Expo Floor

In any blockchain conference, you have to set aside ample time to do some networking. The expo floor was totally packed with many booths and people running around, business cards flying. We were very happy to meet the people behind DAO.Casino (DAO.Casino Team Blog) and BitStarz (BitStarz), and we look forward to being able to work together in the near future.

In other news, we’ve rebranded our Twitter Page, please check it out and follow us!

Our amazing partners over at BlockVenture Coalition BlockVenture Coalition actually met John McAfee and snapped this photo with him. He may or may not have actually said that about us ;)

Of course no blockchain conference would be complete without a bit of fun, so I’ll leave you with a picture of #CryptoDino. Seriously.

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