Top 5 Tips For Online Gaming Success Using Affiliates

With BetProtocol, setting up your affiliate system is as easy as a few mouse clicks. Our technology makes it easier than ever to setup your affiliate system, track them, set multiple levels, and manage it all on the go.

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Successful online gaming operators and professionals know that a good affiliate ground game is the difference between hitting it big or busting out. In this article, we share our Top 5 tips for online gaming success using affiliates.

1. Use the Internet to your advantage.

Sounds silly right? But with the rise of Internet and mobile gaming now becoming a ubiquitous thing, having your affiliate presence in as many strategic places is key to success. We now live in an attention economy, and if you can attract people’s attention you may be able to convert them to your platform.

One way of doing this is banner ads. With BetProtocol, we make it easy to upload a banner onto your online platforms, or to give unique banner ads to your affiliates to seed around the Internet.

By embedding a banner ad into websites around the Internet, you can help your affiliates gain traction for your platform. Each banner can be customised to each affiliate.

Widgets can also be a great method for getting people to click through to your online gaming platform. A widget is a small application that sits on a website that provides some meaningful information. The point is to engage the user with this information, and convert them by having them click to gain more information. An example of a widget would be a price feed for various cryptocurrencies, an offer for a deposit bonus, or other use cases.

Links can be strategically placed in blogs and other websites that have interesting content for your end users. These affiliate links can then link back to your platform, and each affiliate will get credit for and a cut of platform net profit for users they bring via these links.

Customising your platform to make it unique is a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Users are drawn to platforms that appeal to them in look and feel. With BetProtocol, we offer a library of skins and customisation options available to operators from the back office dashboard. Players will get used to your brand and will want to continue to play as long as it is fun and the branding is appealing.

All of these strategies help your affiliates work for you to get the highest conversion rates as possible. But what if you wanted to have even more control over the affiliate system? Good question!

2. Create different levels of affiliates

Having different affiliate levels allows your platform to be more attractive to affiliates. Remember that the affiliate’s incentive is to drive more and more users, deposits, and gaming volume to your platform. By allowing multi-level affiliates, you let affiliates refer other affiliates, and take a cut from that.

It is also a way of rewarding your earliest supporters, and encourages them to network and bring more affiliates. This system is built into the back office management software that BetProtocol provides, and is an easy way to drive traffic and gain affiliate numbers.

Having affiliates of affiliates allows operators to multiply each affiliate’s power and create powerful network effects. In the back office dashboard, BetProtocol operators can control the affiliate’s rewards and percentages with a click of the mouse.

3. Increase the number of games and betting modes

The platform that has the most to offer in terms of variety when it comes to games and betting modes will be popular with users. BetProtocol has a variety of gaming modes for operators, and this just gives more potential for their affiliates to seed their links, widgets, and banners throughout the Internet.

For example, a betting app that is only a casino can usually only be relevant to people looking for casino apps. If that app also has Esports, then affiliates have an entire new industry to address with affiliate marketing.


Having more gaming modes also allows for significant cross-selling to your clients, which of course benefits your affiliates even more. Say that you have a betting app with a casino and sportsbook or Esports. You can leverage a big sporting event like the Super Bowl or League of Legends Championship to get users to your platform, then funnel them into the casino side with promotions and free spins. Chances are they plan more than once, and as the operator, this increases one of the most important metrics: Time on Machine. Having more modules allows you to keep your customers inside your betting app by offering them a wide variety of games, in which you cross-sell over and over again. Casino promos go to Sportsbook promos, and vice versa. The possibilities are endless, but only if you have several options for your users to choose from!

No matter how many gaming modules you have (Casino, Esports, Sports, Prediction Markets) you can control all of them with ease by using BetProtocol’s back office management software.

4. Reward Your Customers

Use Transparency to your advantage:

With BetProtocol, the house edge is always displayed on the frontend of the gaming app for players to see. We do this for two reasons:

  1. Adds transparency and builds trust with the end user
  2. Allows network effects and the crowd to decide where the fairest balance is between operator revenue and player risk.

By offering the easiest to use and cost effective SaaS for betting, operators on BetProtocol can save a bunch on costs, and therefore pass these savings onto the customer in the form of lower house edges.

“But wouldn’t the users just always choose the app with the least amount of edge? All it takes is one guy to offer 0% edge and I’m out of business.” — Observant Reader

Not necessarily. Having an edge means that you have the profits to redistribute to users in the form of bonuses and promotions. Profitable online platforms can give back more to their users in terms of user experience, fun, and rewards. It is impossible for a zero edge gaming platform to survive in the long run, as there is no reliable margin. If there is no reliable margin, then player promotions and other things that get people excited cannot be planned.

We suggest operators to test the markets and discover for themselves and their users what is the best balance. Make sure to communicate to your users about the bonuses and promos that you give so that they know that these are funded by the house’s profits. At the end of the day, the user wants to have fun. So even though Las Vegas is notorious for offering horrid house edges (up to 18.5% legal limit on slots) people still come back to play because its fun, you get a ton of free stuff comped, and the experience is one-of-a-kind.

Bonusing and Promotions:

Offer your customers handsome deposit bonuses for first time and repeat deposits, deposits above a certain limit, and timely promotions to take advantage of holidays and other events.

Deposit Bonuses incentivise your customers to join your platform and play. We all know that repeat customers are the lifeblood of any successful business. Acquiring a new user is oftentimes more expensive than keeping an existing user happy. By offering a bonus for first time deposits and deposits based on certain criteria, you can keep your platform gamified and your customers coming back.

Free spins and the ability to wager once or twice “on the house” are also great ways to incentivise customers to play. Affiliates offering free spins can be a powerful marketing tool for your online gaming platform.

Promotions can take on all sorts of forms, but usually they take advantage of some sort of event, holiday, or special time of year. Take a look at the calendar and the holiday season for the particular jurisdiction that you are offering. Is Christmas or Lunar New Year a big thing in your region? Offering some sort of promotion that includes a mix of free spins and bonuses during these times of year can help you build a following. If you have a sports or Esports betting app with BetProtocol, you can follow specific leagues and do promotions based on key tournaments or championship events.

BetProtocol’s built in bonusing, promotion and CRM will enable operators to target customers based on demographics and other metrics to distribute rewards intelligently.

5. Easy & Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

BetProtocol is teaming up with industry veteran BitGo for easy and secure deposits and withdrawals in major cryptocurrencies. Our operators will take advantage of BitGo’s $100M insurance and sleep soundly knowing that their platforms are backed by BitGo, a trusted custodian securing billions in crypto for industry giants such as Blockchain Capital, ZCash, and others.

When your customers login, they will be given unique deposit addresses for each crypto-asset for ease of use. No more fiddling with Metamask.

By having the latest and safest tools at your disposal, you can assure your affiliates and your customers that your platform is ready for play. If you are interested in launching your casino, Esports, or sports betting application right now, get in touch!

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BetProtocol enables you to create and manage online gaming platforms with no coding required. Thanks to BetProtocol’s blockchain technology, these platforms are secure, scalable and regulatory compliant. No need for expensive developer teams. We provide a fully customisable white label solution for crypto-enabled online casinos, Esports betting apps, sports books, slots, and more.

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