Your BetProtocol Casino in 10 Easy Steps

BetProtocol lets you launch a secure, scalable and regulated online casino fast — with No Coding Required.

That means:

  • Full Casino Turnkey Solution (Esports and Sportsbook coming soon!)
  • Gaming Licensing Support
  • KYC/AML tools
  • Games Included (New Games Added Monthly)
  • Affiliate System
  • Branding and Frontend Design
  • Back-office management tools
  • Blockchain Integration

All of this for 10x cheaper and faster than our competitors in the legacy online gaming space.

Becoming a casino owner is easy with BetProtocol. Just follow these steps and we will help you get on-boarded quickly and easily!

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Easy On-Boarding

Step 2: Send us the Platform ID and we can begin the frontend building process.

Customize Your Casino with our Templates and Games!

We make branding simple. Send us your company’s logos and assets, preferred colour schemes, and other desires for look and feel and we’ll make it happen.

Set it up the right way.

BetProtocol has licensing support with our global partners that allows all of our clients go from nothing to having a gaming license in about a month. Once licensed, you’ll be able to operate in most countries around the world.

Already have a license? Fantastic. You’ve just saved yourself even more time, so go to Step 5.

Step 5: Setup KYC/AML services

BetProtocol has integrated KYC/AML tools that are required for use before deposits and wagers are allowed with assets with real economic value.

Have your own KYC solution? No problem, get in touch and we can integrate it via our API.

Step 6: Accept our Terms & Conditions

We offer straightforward pricing and terms of service. Get into contact today for more details. Email business inquiries to

Go Live

Testnet for Display Purposes Only — Mainnet Requires Gaming License

Step 8: Setup Your Affiliates

Begin spreading the word about your new BetProtocol Casino. Get affiliates to market for you, and control how much they earn for bringing you business.

Step 9: Track Your Stats

BetProtocol’s Operator Dashboard lets you see how well your casino is performing in real time.

Step 10: Give us feedback!

At BetProtocol, our clients’ success is our success. We want to be hands-on and involved in making your online casino the next big thing.

Let us know what we can do to make better products, games, and user experiences.

Your feedback is critical to helping us grow together.

Still Not Convinced? Watch this trailer.

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